The last week I lived in Nashville

nashville library

We recently visited Nashville for the first time in what had been EIGHT months since we last lived there. I was a little nervous to go back, but mostly excited. I was reminded of our last week in Nashville and all of the fun and simple things we did...


Hot Air Balloon Festival

Usually this event takes place in early May, so it's actually already passed for this year, but because of weather last year it was postponed to the weekend before we left at the end of July. One of my favorite parts was when we were trying to search for parking, five ducks waddled across the parking lot. (Reminder: I love ducks.) My least favorite part was the amount of people all trying to get food. My next favorite part was picking a spot on the grass and watching the balloons come to life. The sun was setting, and as it got darker, the balloons became brighter. 

Unfortunately, the balloons didn't fly. It should be more emphasized that you're really going to be seeing huge glowing lanterns on the ground instead of flying balloons. But glowing lanterns are still really beautiful and magical. I'm really grateful we were able to go with Matt's family and meet Annemarie and Adam there as well.

balloon festival
hot air balloon.GIF
balloon festival


Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake was one of my favorite places to visit in the morning before work, so I made sure to take one last walk around the lake. It was nice to stroll around the easy paths and I'd often see wildlife. You could always spot a turtle, and one time there was even a baby deer! 

radnor lake


Nashville Public Library

One of my favorite things I did while in Nashville was volunteer at the public library. I recorded books for people who had a hard time reading (due to eyesight or anything else) and the library would play the book by episodes on the radio. I seriously miss it. 

My last week in Nashville also included another ending — finishing the book "Einstein's Greatest Mistake" which was very eye-opening. I would recommend reading it!

Also, check out the main library. There's many events going on and it's beautiful. 

nashville library.GIF
nashville library
nashville library


Nashville Tennessee Temple

I took one last temple trip with Matt and my friend Antonia. This temple brought Matt and I together, and will forever be special to us as it's where we were sealed for time and all eternity (can't believe it's been almost a year!). 

nashville temple
nashville temple
nashville temple


Sardines at Opryland

The premise of the game "sardines" sounds like a game for 12 year olds, and it is, but it's also fun when you're...any age. Essentially, you pair up and one pair finds a really great hiding place. You and your partner then have to find them. Once you find the people hiding, you stay with them until everyone finds them. First pair to find them gets to hide on the next round. It's like hide-and-go-seek but backwards. And way more fun.

We played once at the Nashville Music City Center (there was a convention going on that weekend and my partner and I hid in the bouncy house of the convention area!), but another great option with lots of places to hide is Opryland! We had a group meet up and we all played together and hung out. 



The week wasn't just all fun and games though. I had to finish up a freelance project, and I remember one night I was up super late, and Matt supported me by staying up with me. He fell asleep on the floor trying to stay awake, but I really appreciated the effort.

last week in nashville


Line dancing at Wildhorse Saloon

It took almost two years, but I finally went line dancing! Annemarie, Janna and I had a roomie night out on the town. It's crazy that I've line danced more in Los Angeles than Nashville! I'm so sad I didn't go out dancing more, but this night really made up for it. There was even live entertainment and the environment was really fun. It felt like you were performing when you danced because all the tables from below and balcony from above are circled around the stage, which also means the dance floor.

line dancing
line dancing


Those are the highlights from my last week in Nashville. I would say my last week I focused on going to my favorite places, accomplishing some things I hadn't done yet, and trying to hang out with as many people I love as possible. Nashville will always be a special part of my life. I was really grateful to go back recently. It felt like I never left! More on that to come ;)