My favorite places to eat in Provo — so far

Provo's a bit of a small town. But it's got a lot of niche places, and I love it all. There's still a lot I'd like to try, but these places are the ones I'm loving right now:

for Savory



  • J. Dawgs is a must. Matt and I went here about three times a week when we first moved here and didn't have groceries. They're relatively cheap (about $4 a dog), delicious, and I keep going back for more. I usually get the Polish dog, with mayonnaise, relish, and special sauce. Matt gets the "director's cut" which = everything.
  • Costa Vida or Cafe Rio — honestly I think they're both great, although you still have some people who have strong feelings for one or the other. They started under the same leadership and then split into two. The only reason I really prefer Costa Vida is they have a smaller portion of my favorite salad.


  • Cupbop is "Korean BBQ in a cup." They give you a lot, and it's fun to order from the walk up window and bright yellow stationary food truck.
  • Cubby's I've actually only been to one time, but I still remember it well and would like to go again soon. It's healthy & delicious (as it suggests on their website), and they have a really great atmosphere.


waffle love
  • Waffle Love is still one of my favorite all times. I've been trying more from their savory menu recently and LOVE. IT.
  • Little Caesar's I hope I don't completely lose taste points for, but I just have to mention it because it is cheap, and we've really utilized it on lazy nights where we don't want to cook, and also want lunch for the next day.
  • Speaking of pizza, Brick Oven is always a go-to. It's usually crowded though with a long wait whenever we go, so depending on how hungry we are, we decide if we stay or not.


  • Communal — Matt took me here for a very fancy date night awhile back, but it was seriously so amazing that after every dish was served we just looked at each other in amazement feeling like we were really living our best life (that we can't afford on a regular basis). It's a worthwhile splurge. 


for Sweet

roll with it creamery
  • Roll With It Creamery has become my special place Matt takes me if I need some uplifting. I love to watch them take the custard and roll it into a beautiful design with nutella. Nutella added to anything would make my list of favorites. 
  • BYU Creamery is always a must if you're visiting. They're Graham Canyon is still a standing favorite.
  • Chip is a place that only sells chocolate chip cookies. And milk. I couldn't imagine how a place could survive on just selling chocolate chip cookies, but then I tried one and knew why. They're delicious. It's kind of a bummer that you have to buy four at a time, but then you'll have 4x the goodness!
  • Penguin Brothers is a recent find. I've seen their pink exterior often, but I finally went in the other night and tried their ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. My friend AJ and I both agreed that it was very good (although a bit pricey), and that their cookies were not as good as the Los Angeles Diddy Riese staple, but their ice cream was far better.
  • Sodalicious doesn't just sell creatively mixed sodas (my favorite is the Southern Gentleman – a mix of Dr. Pepper + Peach + Vanilla), they also have really good sugar cookies.