BYU Football: BYU vs. Boise State


I'm not really into football. Maybe you could have guessed that. I will probably not be watching the Super Bowl this weekend in part because we don't have standard cable, but also in part because I'm not that interested. And neither is Matt really. The best part about football for me, and most other sports (aside from volleyball — that's a sport I'll watch on television), is getting to experience it in person.

Although I've been to a handful of in-person football games — including the college game where UCLA finally won against USC and the person I made a bet with had to have the UCLA fight song as their ringtone for six months (and again the next year!) — it's always interesting to see how different school cultures respond to the game. Like what traditions or chants they have, what symbols they throw, how bad or good their team is. 

So anyhow, I was pretty excited to be doing something college-y again when Matt and I got passes to the BYU vs. Boise State game back in October (Matt served an LDS mission in Boise, so he was partial to both teams, including wearing Boise State socks that he said he'll show off if Boise won, even though I told him that is not how team spirit works). 


We didn't have very high hopes for a win from BYU — they really struggled this year — but we went to support. One of my favorite parts was actually the food! BYU sells "Cougar Tails," which are basically extra long (and mighty delicious) maple doughnuts! (Ironically, when I looked them up, I found this article from 2016 referencing them and a game between BYU and UCLA!)

My second favorite part was the halftime show. The Cougarettes and the BYU mascot Cosmo completely owned their routine. 

As you may have guessed, BYU didn't win despite all the cheering. But! It was still a lot of fun even with the loss and the cold.

I was so cold that as soon as we rode our bikes home, I got every warm thing I had, put it on, and turned up the heater and put the Netflix Birchwood Edition fake fireplace on our television, and all was right again.