Pasadena Chalk Festival

Flashback Saturday (I'm making it a thing — #FBSaturday anyone?) to that time three years ago I went with a friend to the Pasadena Chalk Festival. And guess what? It's happening next weekend! So in case you didn't know, now you do. It's a festival, so other than incredible chalk art, they've got food and performances throughout the weekend. When I was there, Grouplove performed (who I didn't initally recognize until I looked up their single "Tongue Tied" later).

Honestly though, it was more interesting to me at the time to watch this guy representing Pepsi on the opposite end of where the band was who did a great job karaoking and going from a really low voice and rapping to a really high singing voice.

The Festival and most significantly, the chalk art, are worth the visit. Plan to spend at least an hour or two there, and maybe take the time to look over an artists shoulder. It's encouraged here.