Palos Verdes: Terranea Resort


Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes is what I think of as a real getaway without really getting away.

While I was working a recent event here, I got off early and just went out onto the deck to soak up the sunshine on one of their comfortable chairs. It just feels like everything that you thought was really important and had to get done now can really be put off awhile longer. The scenery demands attention in the most non-aggressive way.

I actually have been here a good amount of times. Once on a date, twice for an event, and a couple times to get dinner with my grandparents. It has some of the most beautiful views, and it just has an air of calmness to it.

If you follow the trail, it will lead you to other nearby places to check out, including the Pointe Vicente Lighthouse.

Their suites and rooms are a little too expensive for me to afford — especially since I live here it doesn't make whole lot of sense (although my aunt and uncle did this for their anniversary and had an amazing time) — but just going to the resort area and walking along one of their trails, or grabbing lunch at their café or restaurant is enough for me.