Some Good Times at Davey Wayne's

Another cool night spot is this swanky bar in Hollywood – Good Times at Davey Wayne's. All you need for this experience to be memorable is entering through the refrigerator door.

They were purposeful and smart about the way they put this place together. You really feel like you went through a time-warp back to a 1970's house party. Between the interior decorating, all 70's songs, and backyard hang-out with an airstream – it's the perfect recipe for the sweetest 70's treat. (I don't drink, so I can't comment on how good the drinks were – my friends seemed to enjoy them.)

When I was there, they also had a roller duet perform that was incredible. For one, they were on top of a structure just doing their amazing thing and for two they were performing these moves that I wouldn't even be able to do on solid ground without skates on – nor would I want to, out of fear for my life and my partner's life. But they did. And they pulled it off with seeming ease.

I would highly recommend reservations for this place. Especially if you're in a large party. It was my friend's birthday, so we got to skip the 40 minute line to get in, and they set up an impromptu table on their patio deck. It was actually a sweet spot. When I was coming back after some dancing in the living room, some girls were standing in front of it saying how it looked like a VIP table – since it was a little raised from the deck itself – and they wanted to join. It was kind of funny when I had to go through them to the "VIP table."

The best part of the night for me was definitely having the Goodtime Boys play. They're the cover band for Davey Wayne's and were right on with all the tracks they played. We didn't know what time they were going on, so we staked a spot right in front of the stage for a good hour or so, and then at midnight they began their set. With songs like "Highway to Hell," and other memorable 70's rock dance and sing-a-long hits, it was the perfect end to a full 1970's experience.

Good Times at Davey Waynes
Good Times at Davey Waynes

Address: 1611 N El Centro Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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Sidenote: Davey Wayne's is part of a chain of experience bars owned by Houston Hospitality. Seeing the themes of the other ones they've created, I'm excited to see all of them! They really make it a transported experience rather than some place to go and just drink.