Portraits of Hope: The Spheres at MacArthur Park

If you're feeling colorful and in a painting mood, sign up to help paint spheres for the Portraits of Hope project! The last time they were here, all the lifeguard towers became bright and colorful in what seemed like an overnight transition for a summer. I didn't realize this organization was behind it. And now they're back and it's an opportunity not to be missed!

Headquarters will be in El Segundo for the next three months or so until all the spheres are complete (I believe there's a thousand or more?) and will then be taken and displayed at MacArthur Park in Downtown LA.

Essentially, you get to paint giant beach balls with pre-lined forms on them. It's fun, it's creative, it's colorful, and it's just happy. You just have to paint somewhat inside the lines (which is harder than it looks) – but even that isn't a qualifying condition. You just need to be able to paint. Or watch paint dry.

It was seriously so fun to be a small part of this Los Angeles community project. It's for people of all ages so kids to not-kids are able to participate.

April and I are kind of design perfectionists, so we had a hard time painting quickly and letting go of not being able to clean up any paint that went outside the lines. They provide baby wipes for this, but discourage using them. We were also very focused on making sure to not use the same color twice. It's not the point or anything, but I'm excited to find our three in a thousand spheres we contributed to, maybe just by perfected paint lines. Ha. Not. But it would be cool to see it from above too – it will probably look like jewels floating in the water.

I didn't know this until I was there, but they also take your name and write everyone's name that contributed onto the spheres at the end. We, among our fellow volunteers, will basically be remembered forever.

To get involved, email poh@portraitsofhope.org. It's completely worth the time and fun!

{Just make sure to wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on permanently though/wear clothes you don't care about.}

Check here for more information and rendered photos. And like their Facebook page to view progress on the spheres.