The Ultimate Route 66 Guide

When I started planning my trip, I had to use multiple resources and websites to compile all the information I felt like I needed to really not only see the iconic "Route 66" stops, but also check out and observe the areas and cities I was passing through — the new parts of Route 66. There were also some detours from the original route I made a long the way, including spending the night in the Grand Canyon. The following is what became my trip, the places I loved, the places I missed, and some of the detours along the way put together in a way that I hope is useful to anyone planning a Route 66 trip of their own. 

Below is various elements of the trip I thought might be useful including:

A Day by Day Breakdown

Make it Your Own — An editable and downloadable Google Document

A State by State Breakdown

Trip Cost

Tips & Things to Consider

Please note: I traveled from Santa Monica, CA on September 2nd, 2015 and arrived in Chicago, IL the night of September 12th, 2015 and then spent three days in Chicago for a total of 14 days (with detours). When planning your trip, take into account season/weather changes, gas price fluctuation, and various other changes that might have taken place since I took this trip.