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Route 66: Day Eleven

TODAY IS/WAS THE DAY!!!! We finally reached the beginning — or our end — of ROUTE 66! Thanks for coming on this journey with me! Especially Krystal and Steph who were physically next to me and endured all the long driving, car singing, and overall craziness of each day.

Without further ado...

Day eleven {projected*} itinerary: 

*Because we backtracked a bit this day to go to Shaw's Nature Reserve and spend some time there, and because I always seem to schedule too many things into one day and forget that places close around 5pm, we did not get to see Abe's tomb, the Dana-Thomas House, the Drive-in Theater (is only open select dates of the year and wasn't showing any more movies), Funks Grove, or the Route 66 Museum.

Approximate mileage: 382

Approximate driving time: 6 hours

Approximate expenses: $49.39

  • Gas: $29.39 @ $2.199/gallon, 13.367 g
  • Food: $15 
  • Experience: $5 Shaw Nature Reserve

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Route 66: Day Ten

Every day just gets better. Especially when that day starts with a sunrise in a field of sunflowers. But I'm getting ahead.

Day ten {projected*} itinerary:

*the sunflower farm and Corner Restaurant were not in our original plans, but worth the sacrifice of not going to Mini Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China Restaurant, Purina Farms and saving Shaw Nature Preserve for the next day. We initially intended to stay the night in St. Louis but canceled our reservation because we found out our place was in a bad area and we wouldn't get there until after dark. So we stayed on the Illinois side instead for that night.

Approximate mileage: 389

Approximate driving time: 6.2 hours

Approximate expenses: $172.98

  • Gas: $25.58 @ $2.039/gallon, 12.544 g
  • Food: $25 
  • Experiences: $21 Meramec Caverns 
  • Stay: $101.40 Comfort Inn & Suites

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Route 66: Day Nine

Yay for one whole day where we stayed in one city! We slept in, and then we got going. We didn't really have an itinerary, except to spend time with Whitney. But this is what we collectively decided/did:

Approximate expenses: $40

  • Food: $10 
  • Experiences: $30 Ratatat Concert 

See below for all the deets, snap video, and photos... 

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Route 66: Day Eight

Passing the seven day point felt amazing. Being on a road trip sometimes feels like being in a marathon. At the beginning it's super exciting and you have a bunch of energy and so many miles and the journey to look forward to and then you have a final destination that you know will also be an exciting moment. But the journey can be tiring. The landscape can blur together. And it seems like you might have been running or driving your whole life.

Just for complete clarification, I have never ran a marathon. But I can pretend I know what it might feel like ;) 

Day eight {projected*} itinerary:

*we did not go to Coleman Theater because it was closed by the time we got to that point.

Approximate mileage: 375

Approximate driving time: 6.3 hours

Approximate expenses: $63.54

  • Gas: $29.54 @ $2.149/gallon, 10.022g
  • Food: $30 
  • Misc: $4 Turner Turnpike 

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