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Route 66: Day Seven

DAY SEVEN!!! The trip has officially been one week! And it was so so SO good to have a complete non-driving day in Albuquerque. I felt way better and more excited about all the upcoming stops on this long driving day. We were going to be in three states in one day: New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma! 

Day seven {projected*} itinerary:

*Did not stop at the VW Slug Bug Ranch on this trip, but on the way back with Matt I did, so I included that as a bonus at the end, but is not included in the mileage or map. I did not go to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, 100th Meridian Museum, or Jigs Smokehouse Diner.

Approximate mileage: 559

Approximate driving time: 8.5 hours

Approximate expenses: $139.26

  • Gas: $29.89 @ $2.479/gallon, 12.058g | $29.22 @ $2.299/gallon, 12.709g
  • Food: $16.86 
  • Experience: $6 Pueblo Cultural Center
  • Stay: $57.29 Tower Hotel OKC** 

**booked through Hotwire on one of those mystery deals — they gave me enough information that I was able to deduce the hotel though so it wasn’t really a surprise, just a good deal

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