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The Sober Guide to Las Vegas

I've been to Las Vegas. Quite a few times. The land where... there's gambling? Hangovers? Also known as "Sin City"? Despite the reasons why I would avoid Las Vegas, I was pretty determined to make my Vegas experience everything good, sober and without gambling. And I have a fun and memorable time every time. ;)

Thus, The Sober Guide to Las Vegas*:

Bonus (places that are more of a drive):

*This is a list I'll continue to add onto. I mean, the shows in Las Vegas alone some people travel to see specifically (Beatles Love show is definitely on my list...and Blue Man Group). We also tried to go to the aquarium one visit but the line was too long, among other places — including food. Food is everywhere. Just watch out for the price of everything. It seems exponentially greater in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas: Neon Museum

Utah and Las Vegas have been primary visiting points these last few years. Maybe because it's within driving distance. And if you're driving from Los Angeles to Utah, you go right through Las Vegas, so you might as well stop.

When I'm in Vegas, I don't drink, gamble, or usually go out to show off my moves at a club. So what the heck do I do?

Surprisingly for some, Las Vegas is actually more than just for partying. For example, there's places like the Neon Museum.


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