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Route 66: Day Eleven

TODAY IS/WAS THE DAY!!!! We finally reached the beginning — or our end — of ROUTE 66! Thanks for coming on this journey with me! Especially Krystal and Steph who were physically next to me and endured all the long driving, car singing, and overall craziness of each day.

Without further ado...

Day eleven {projected*} itinerary: 

*Because we backtracked a bit this day to go to Shaw's Nature Reserve and spend some time there, and because I always seem to schedule too many things into one day and forget that places close around 5pm, we did not get to see Abe's tomb, the Dana-Thomas House, the Drive-in Theater (is only open select dates of the year and wasn't showing any more movies), Funks Grove, or the Route 66 Museum.

Approximate mileage: 382

Approximate driving time: 6 hours

Approximate expenses: $49.39

  • Gas: $29.39 @ $2.199/gallon, 13.367 g
  • Food: $15 
  • Experience: $5 Shaw Nature Reserve

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