Swing Away

Top Golf

Can't believe another month is almost gone! This week I'm featuring some of my favorite things I've been able to do in Utah including when my mom came into town, when my friend Krystal came and all the adventures that ensued, and some more local things I'm finally exploring now that the weather is amazing.

But first, if you're looking for a place with that bowling alley vibe but with golfing, look no further than Topgolf. It's actually all over the country (and over the pond in the UK). The one we went to in Utah is in Midvale (honestly, all the hip, fun hangouts seem to be around this area). 

Essentially, it's kind of like a driving range but with a more fun bowling alley vibe and is great for the experienced and inexperienced (me). The "bay" as it's called (equivalent of having a bowling alley "lane") is reserved by the hour, and you can fit in as many games as you want in that time. The game we played was trying to hit golf balls into giant targets in the field. 


You're able to reserve a booth before you go (may require a fee based on date and time), but we just showed up and it worked out fine. You might have to wait awhile depending on if it's busy or not, so basically don't go on a Friday or Saturday night without a reservation. Also, like a bowling alley, you can have groups of up to six people, making the price of it relatively cheap if you split it since they charge per bay, not per person. 

Prices to rent the bays vary throughout the day. Until noon it's $25, from noon to 4pm it's $35, and  5pm until close is $45. As I said, the more people, the better because the price gets lower. 

The other price factor is you have to buy a "membership" your first time going which is $5. After that, you'll never have to pay for another membership.

The facility itself is really fun too. In addition to the golf aspect, there's also a separate game room and restaurant. Or you can order food delivered to your bay as you play. We only had sodas while we were there and went to a nearby Hawaiian restaurant after (there's lots of places to eat nearby if you're not in the mood for what they have), but I heard their food is actually very good.

We actually went in the winter time when it was pretty cold, but the bay's are temperature controlled so it never felt freezing. My favorite part about the experience was predicated on time. We were there as it got dark so we got to see it go from day to night, and the targets glow in the dark! 

My most favorite part though was hanging out with Brendan and Sheri who were the ones that suggested this place. And guess what (side-note) — they're getting married!! I'm really excited for June 28th. ;)

Top Golf