Sundance Night Skiing


If you're looking to ski at a really low price, Sundance night skiing is probably where it's at. Matt went a lot this past winter and really enjoyed it.

As I mentioned, my snowboard/boots aren't the right size, so it made it a little difficult to get down the hill putting my weight on anything other than my back heels, so I ended up doing one run and sitting in the lodge drinking hot chocolate until Matt and Adam were done. 

I actually love snowboarding at night. The only downside is it is more icy and it's not as smooth in general after being used all day. But there's a stillness while riding that is different during the day. I talked about my first time night snowboarding with Matt way back when, and how the night ended in the emergency room after he hurt his knee. Despite that, I really loved it. It's one of the things I looked forward to doing more in the winter. 

I'll be asking for a new snowboard for Christmas and some good boots so I can really become the cool snowboarder I know I'm meant to be.