Sledding Rock Canyon Park


SLEDDING ROCK CANYON PARK IS AMAZING. Trust me. Go there when it snows and it's way cheaper than paying for sledding because it's FREE (minus the actual sled). 

I had actually never even heard of or been to this place until Noelle and Kelly suggested it. We did some prep work in looking for some sledding devices. Found out that an actual sled cost $25 and opted for pool floats and tubes instead for $5 each. Let Matt blow them all up (I started getting light-headed real quick), and we were on our way! (We actually went to Walmart first and they weren't selling sleds anymore to get ready for spring! Luckily, Target always has what we need.)

We spent about an hour just going up and down and trying out different positioning on the sleds. Face down was not my favorite. The inter-tube was actually the best, or the flat floatie. That one was good for lounging too. Everyone was having a great time, and even when we were tired at the end, we just sat and watched everyone else sled down and hoped they didn't wipe out too hard.