Oahu Travel Guide

In honor of Britt's birthday a couple weeks ago — where I scrolled through dozens of photos from all of our adventures such as the hot air balloon ride, the flower fields, El Matador State Beach in Malibu, and many more — I wanted to share some adventures that I haven't posted about: those times I visited her in Oahu when she lived in the North Shore area.

I had the best time with her there. Even though the first time I was going through a break-up, Laie, where she was living, was a healing kind of place. I love the atmosphere, the saturated colors, the beaches, the people, the animals, the spirit. It's really one of my favorite places in the world.

Although I was sad I couldn't be celebrating with her and her little family in Utah on her big day, I'm glad we have so many adventures and great times together and we continue to build upon those. 

I put together this little travel guide to Oahu — places to see, where to eat, and things to do — to share what we enjoyed, and hope you get to enjoy those things too! 

Click here to see the whole guide.