Nashville: Drive-in movie night


Los Angeles has minimal, if maybe one, drive-in theater (and that usually takes place on top of a parking garage). Sooo that out-in-the-country pull-up-to-the-theater can-see-the-stars kind of drive-in movie wasn't in my near expectations in the city of angels.

But in Tennessee? Heck yes. 

I was so so so thrilled when Matt suggested a drive-in movie. I didn't want to end up stranded at the drive-in or anything (the only drive-in movie experience I have is taken from Grease), but I figured Matt wouldn't just leave me out in the middle of a field. And even if he did, there were a bunch of nice families around that probably would have taken me in. 

So anyhow, we drove about forty minutes outside of Nashville to the Stardust Drive-In in Watertown, TN. Admission is $8/person and you get TWO movies out of it! 

There's also a concession stand with some good popcorn (be careful not to spill it like we did), M&M's (because popcorn + M&M's are actually my favorite combination), and a soda to share. I would ditch the exciting prospect of also including some sno-cones because 1) they were packed solid so we couldn't actually eat them and mine just plopped right onto the ground and 2) with all the other things you need to carry, it's going to be tough not getting that sno all over yourself. Kudos if you do though.

We came right at sunset and the colors were so vivid and magical. The two screens (with two different sets of movies playing) faced each other, and the countdowns began. 

It was really the best way I could have ever watched "Finding Dory". 

Some tips for going:

  1. Bring bug spray if you're going to watch it outside of the car
  2. Don't bring a truck unless you plan to sit in it, or want to be further away from the movie.
  3. Bring blankets and chairs if you'd like — you're able to set that up in front of your car.
  4. HAVE FUN!!!