Nashville: A day at Percy Priest Lake


Who needs leg day when you've got LAKE day?! #ammiright?

On a day when Plan A, B, C, and D fell through, Matt and I opted to join an activity to Percy Priest Lake — despite the looming clouds.

Those clouds broke as we were driving to the lake and rain just let loose and down-poured on us through the point where we paid the entry fee, parked, and started walking to our group's site. 

The rain caused everything to be so muddy that I completely slipped on our way to the picnic table and basically took an impromptu mud bath right there; getting mud all up and down the side of my leg. I almost took a second slip right after that but caught myself just in time.

And then some hot dogs and cookies later we were ready to get in the water — considering we were already soaked wet from the rain that had just stopped, it wasn't a huge transition.

I didn't realize when this lake day was planned that it also included boats. And that was really the primary highlight. There were about three boats going around in our group picking people up from the little swimming area and going out for some more fun.

I'm used to spending time in the water during the summer, but it's usually always the ocean. So coming out to the lake where there was a designated swimming area and no waves to go under was a little different.

The boating though. That was insanely fun. 

Matt and I hopped into our first boat and got up front. All wet from being in the lake, we let the air whip through us as the boat sped along and dried us off. It was one of the best feelings to be so present, and to look at each other and our friends and to think I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in this moment.

The boat first took us to some cliffs/rocks on one of the little islands out on the lake. There were different points you could climb and jump off. If we had an hour, I may have been able to jump off the 25 foot one. But those jumps take lots of time for me. So I remained jumping off the smaller ones — the 10 foot and 13 foot. And that was enough of an adrenaline rush for the time being.

The second boat we went on we had the opportunity to go tubing. And I've gone tubing before... I'd consider myself somewhat of a champ because I was so good at hanging on. That was about 13 years ago though, and this was different. This was a double inner tube where two people lay on it and hang on for dear life.

I found out on this day what a champ Matt really was at this. He just about sits up and tries to kick our fellow inner tubes since it's a competition to see who will flip first. I was so disoriented and confused by these actions at first because I've only ever been inner tubing with one inner tube and going solo. Eventually I got the hang of it though, and even kicked the other inner tube myself. And 2/3 times we "won". But when you lose, it hurts. So I had my fill after those few times and was ready to just enjoy watching everyone else.

By the time we got back, the clouds were coming back too. And before we had made it back to the picnic table to grab our stuff, the rain came down again. Strong and powerful. 

So I took two pictures to remember before being rained out and heading to Sonic. Because that's the place to be in a rainstorm.