Los Angeles: The Donut Hole


From one road trip to the next! So begins the chronicles of my road trip from Los Angeles back to Nashville. Starting with breakfast.

THE DONUT HOLE. Totally mixed this up with Randy's Donuts because they both have very large donuts as landmarks. Fittingly. But only ONE of these places has a doughnut that you can drive through. 

Which one you ask? 

Well, obviously the Donut HOLE. 

I was so freaken excited to go here. And I did not even anticipate the doughnuts themselves. It was the best variety and had unusual toppings and flavors like s'mores and those fruity pebbles in addition to the classics.

Annemarie and I LOADED UP on these at the beginning of the road trip. And it was worth every doughnut delicious bite. 

PS. It's cash only so make sure you bring some dolla' bills.