Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni's Ice Cream

I've mentioned Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream before, but it truly deserves it's own post, and it's already been too long.

My first experience or knowledge about it's existence came when I was in Ohio, right before I came to Nashville. I thought it was an Ohio thing (one of the best Ohio-things) and then I found out that it's a Nashville thing too! And OH MY GOODNESS was I SO SO HAPPY. And quite possibly became a little bit of a Jeni's addict the first month or so I lived here.

Every time I "came into town" from the farm, I made it a point to come to Jeni's. The first one I went to was in the Hillsboro neighborhood — the same one Amanda and I visited last Saturday (coincidentally it was my other friend Amanda who first took me to Jeni's!). The one that Matt and I had our first date at was in the 12 South neighborhood. 

Initially, he was planning on taking me to a yogurt place, but they were closed or something, and he decided to take me to Jeni's instead. I had never been to the yogurt place, but secretly, when he had told me his original plan, I really wanted him to chance it to Jeni's. That's when I first knew we were in sync ;) 

So obviously Jeni's is not only a great ice cream place, but has a little nostalgia and a place of historical importance in my life.

I had Jeni's so much the first couple months I was here I kind of got overloaded. I try to eat it sparingly now not because I don't like it but because it should be appreciated. And I've also gotten more sensitive to how much sugar I have. And I feel like there's quite a bit in their oh-so-delicious ice cream. 

The thing that makes Jeni's stand out as a go-to dessert place — or replacement meal — is the high quality (they buy direct whenever they can and they don't use synthetic flavorings, dyes, or off the shelf mixes (more information here)) so it has a rich texture and rich flavorings.

The flavors are my favorite part. You're really expected to sample your way through the line. With items like "Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks," "Churro," "Brambleberry Crisp," and "Brown Butter Almond Brittle" (my long-time favorite), among many others, they are really the definition of an artisan ice cream shop. 

They also come out with new flavors each season. Like the "Supermoon" flavor I tried last Saturday. I really got it for the colors. Brown Butter Almond Brittle is still my favorite, but Supermoon was super good as well ;) 

I'm really excited that they now have locations in Los Angeles! Meaning that wherever I am, Jeni's is home.

PS. Ask them for the homemade whip cream, and always go for the waffle cone.

Jeni's Ice Cream
Jeni's Ice Cream
Jeni's Ice Cream
Jeni's Ice Cream