Our first four months of marriage


Today marks FOUR months of marriage.

In those four months we've...

  • driven over 6,000 miles

  • been to or driven through 12 states (Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Alabama, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Idaho)

  • killed 10 blue dauber wasps and 3 spiders

  • acquired 5 bikes (technically 3 of them were owned before marriage)

  • had 4 sets of friends get married

  • taken 4 road trips

  • watched 3 Star Wars movies... and 3 seasons of Bones

  • seen 3 sunrises

  • camped 3 times

  • went to IKEA 3 times (Bed Bath & Beyond and Target even more)

  • been set apart to 2 new callings

  • joined into 2 bank accounts

  • gotten 2 new ID's

  • went to bed mad 2 times

  • swam in the ocean 2 times (Pacific once, Atlantic once)

  • swam in the sea 1 time

  • visited 1 foreign country (2 if you count the Vatican)

  • gotten 1 new job

  • lost 1 wallet (somewhere between Biassa and Milan)

  • done 1 excellent hair cut (my first time)

  • had 1 intense tickle fight

  • changed 1 name (Hi! My name is Madeline Jacobs)

We've also...

  • spent time with a lot of family & friends

  • had many temple dates, adventures, massages, laughs, tears, stress, disagreements, mishaps, miscommunication, forgiveness, morning kisses, good night cuddles

  • had moments of him looking at me while I'm singing in the car telling me (non-sarcastically) that he hopes I always do that

  • had me waking up at 5:30am to make him breakfast before he had an hour and a half drive to work

In four months of marriage, I've learned that when people say marriage takes work and is hard, that that is only something I could ever have understood now that I'm in one. It is hard. We constantly have to communicate, learn about how the other thinks, reacts, what hurts, what's overwhelming, what we can do to support each other. It's hard to be accountable to someone, be responsible for someone. It's hard to sacrifice and compromise. 

It's also SO GOOD. It's the best thing I've ever done. I love that what makes it so good is that it's so hard. That I have to work on the relationship and on myself. That every time we conquer a disagreement, every time we choose a different approach and learn how to better communicate with each other, it feels like a huge victory. I love that he cares about me and how I feel. I love that we can share the gospel together. I love waking up to him next to me. I love when he's talkative before bed and starts telling me random things about his day. I love that I get to be part of his life and him mine.  I love that I can be my most vulnerable with him, and I'm safe. I love him. For time and all eternity.

Happy four months Matt!

ps. above is the white board message Matt wrote and below is a little drive we took to Alpine Loop (beautiful during the fall especially, wrote about it here)

pss. This week I'm focusing on some of our Utah adventures :D