Feeling 22


Well, I'm not feeling 22 — more like I never grew out of 20 — but my FIANCE Matt is turning 22 today! #youyoungwhippersnapper

Just want to take a break from looking back on last year and trying to archive everything that happened (the proposal post will be coming eventually) and wish this amazing guy a happy birthday. Long distance can be rough/sad sometimes since I can't physically be there with him, and as much as I wish I could take him to Waffle House today, I can at least sing to him — that's something he can't get away from ;) 

It's also Whitney's birthday today too! #doublewhammy. She is one of my bestest friends (the one I traveled with in Europe, built a snowman with in Missouri, and danced with at the Korean Friendship Bell). Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!! 

So grateful for both of these individuals in my life. 

Photos by Eden Ingle Photo