Nashville: Escape Room

escape room

My roommates and I seem to always be so busy, we hardly ever do much together. Even now, Sarah is gone for the next few weeks! So a month or so ago, Annemarie and I opted to surprise Janna and Sarah with a fun roommate date night at the Escape Room. There always seems to be good Groupon deals for this so we chose one in Franklin (Annemarie had already previously done the one in Nashville) and drove them over — the entire time with them guessing as to where we were going.

It was late at night, and a little bit of an eerie place to begin with so Janna and Sarah kept teasing that we kidnapped them. Which was a little fitting for the "escape room" theme. 

I've done an escape room in Los Angeles before. We had about ten people in our group — three of them I actually knew — and one was very into it. It was fun, but I was pretty complacent about it because other people in the group sort of took it over, there was little communication, and I didn't know what was going on half the time. Not sure if that's just because of the amount of people, or because of the actual people, but I didn't have a huge desire to do it again. I continued to hear good things about it here though and felt like it was worth a try.

After waiting a little bit, a couple showed up to participate in the same room. They were super nice, and honestly I'm not sure that we would have gotten as far as we did without them! 

It was definitely a challenge. We had signed up for the Antidote theme which apparently is one of the harder ones. The room itself was pretty sterile and bare when we walked in. At least it seemed that way. And I thought to myself "how in the heck are we going to figure this out with such minimal clues?" My favorite part is when Annemarie became part of the actual game when her name showed up as one of the lab technicians! 

So did we escape? 

YES. I mean, I'm here to tell you about it, right? 

But seriously, we really did. With about five minutes or so left. It was close, and we definitely used the freebie clues but we did it! After this escape room experience, I would completely recommend going.

Here's our winner photo:

escape room


Love these girls.