LA Galaxy Game: I'm in a Bubble

That's me. In the bubble.

To be more precise, I am the one in the blue shirt, closest in the picture, on team "Tiki Punch" dribbling the ball diagonally toward the orange Shasta can. I feel like now... I know what a professional athlete must feel like. Because that's me, on the LA Galaxy soccer field, in a bubble. Did I mention, I am in a bubble, dribbling, on a professional field, in front of all LA Galaxy fans?

Not to overemphasize this excitement about being in a bubble, but I WAS SO EXCITED.

Let me back up. First of all, going to an LA Galaxy game is actually entertaining, and not something I've done since I was probably eight years old.

We had gotten some nicely priced (aka cheap) tickets from a girl in a sorority which apparently included a t-shirt and a towel. When we got there, I was very determined to get the promised t-shirts. We weren't even on the list. But he gave them to us anyways after we showed him our ticket. 

Sir, sorry, but this free t-shirt must be mine and I'm not walking away until I get one.

Because the t-shirt thing wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped, I didn't even go for the promised towels.

We put on our "college night" t-shirts (it's always nice to pretend I'm still in college?) and proceeded to walk to our seats when an LA Galaxy employee came up to us and asked if we wanted to participate in the halftime show.

Um... YES! Wait – what do we have to do?

 To which he proceeded to explain this whole bubble thing.

My determination for the t-shirts was actually the reason he came up to us. I asked later how he chose people, and he said based on if they have LA Galaxy gear of some sort on, and if there were enough people. We had a very close call in not being able to participate because most of us were wearing sandals, so I swapped shoes with a friend that didn't have a huge desire to do it and all was fine.

To be completely honest, concerning the actual reason we went, I wasn't on the up-and-up with soccer – or any sports in general – so April and I were actually researching just that afternoon (this was after the painting for Portraits of Hope – it was a jam-packed day of greatness) to figure out what was going on. And I still can't tell you very much, except that the opening was nice with the flag, and the fireworks. And watching them play it out for the win is always pretty thrilling.

But definitely the most memorable thing about this night will be the bubble.

My duo team lost against my friend AJ's team, but it felt like I won some sort of prize to be able to go down onto the field and perform this weird stunt.

In my defense of losing, we were initially instructed to dribble diagonally toward our Shasta colored can (so mine would be blue), and they were going to show us some kind of visual of how this was happening. They also mentioned going around the can. Basically none of that happened, except that we were supposed to dribble diagonally to our teammate. It was a valiant loss if I do say so myself. I was just disappointed I didn't get to knock AJ down with my bubble suit along the way.