Kodaline at the Wiltern

The Wiltern is one of the most beautiful inside concert venues I've been to in Los Angeles. The detail in the architecture, the ceilings, the chandelier's are gorgeous representations of the art deco era. It's a treat to see any performance there.

That particular night I got to see Gavin James and Kodaline perform.

They were both fantastic. I hadn't heard of Gavin James before, but his set was just him and his guitar. I love those kinds of performances best sometimes because it feels so much more intimate than all the light shows and distractions. It's all about the music.

Kodaline's last albums is one of my favorites. We were supposed to see them last year but one of the bandmates couldn't perform for awhile due to a broken bone or something so they had to cancel the show. It was worth the wait to see them and hear some of my favorites like, "Talk," and "Brand New Day," and then to hear them perform their new songs as well.

We were up in the seats in the balcony, which was nice, but felt more like I was observing instead of in the concert. Part of me wishes I could have been down at the stage standing with the crowd below. But it worked out because it was a Tuesday night, and a long workday. I barely made it out of the house in time, and had to buy chicken wings at the venue (not a huge food selection FYI).

Not bad for a Tuesday night.