In our own Backyard

I saw pictures from where my co-worker lives in Northern California – she has cows in her backyard. Like 50 of them all in a line. And she's backed up to a meadow so you know, pretty flowers, beautiful sunsets. All that greatness. I usually imagine her frolicking in the fields up there. It's not the California I know, but I can romanticize it.

Not that it's all bad here. There's always something to do or experience. It's a nexus of amazing activities. For me, living in the South Bay area, I've always had the beach as a refresh and a recharge away from the close-knit houses, tall buildings, and people.

Plus, I've always found other ways to make it more of what I romanticize about living in the country, or in an area where there's not as many activities and all you have are the people around you and nature and maybe that cute little diner that everyone gathers at.

Things like when my friend had the idea of getting a projector so we could watch movies in her backyard. That's what I'd imagine I'd be doing in the country.

Compared to my backyard (the size of what is considered a patio), her's is huge and had also included a fire-pit. So I suggested we might as well camp in the backyard. A new level of city-girl camping I guess.

And we did! We – or rather, she – set up the tent and we made s'mores and sat around the fire-pit. By the way – that tent was HUGE. It could have fit a family of eight.

Around midnight, we set up the projector and got comfortable in our sleeping bags and projected a movie onto a blanket we she hung inside the tent (obviously I was really helpful with any manual labor).

I fell asleep about thirty minutes into the movie because I was that tired, but it was such a cool, fun thing. Even without the tent, it would have achieved the experience of doing something fun without going anywhere.

There will be many more projector nights to come this summer. Any movie suggestions are welcome because it took forever to decide on one.

If you're trying to think of something to do this weekend – maybe stay close to home but feel far away by setting up a tent in your backyard, or in your living room (it's about the same amount of space right?).


Hard to tell, but this is the projected image onto the blanket.


Emily modeling our humble abode for the night.