Palos Verdes: Wayfarers Chapel

This church. Is. Amazing. I love the simplicity of it and how it frames the nature surrounding it so beautifully. Wayfarer's Chapel, also known to me as the "glass church," was dedicated in 1951. Sponsored by the Swedenborgian Church, it was designed by Lloyd Wright – son of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright – and is unusual because it is made almost entirely of glass. Wright was actually inspired by the redwood trees in northern California and how they formed a cathedral-like formation.

Palos Verdes Cliffs
Lloyd Wright found himself in complete accord with the positive outlook of the Swedenborgian Church and its emphasis on harmony between God's natural world and the inner world of mind and spirit.

The site also includes a visitor's center that explains the history of the building, and also the theology of the church. Or you can find out more on their website.

Whether you think of this as a "tree chapel," the "glass church," or by it's official name – Wayfarers Chapel – stop by here as you drive through Palos Verdes and take a moment to appreciate this church, the gardens, and the surrounding scenery.