Monthly Inspiration: February

I've been getting so lost in what day, month, year, it is. Almost every moment in my life since I graduated college has somehow culminated into just this last year – 2014 – which I've also referred to as 2013 or 2015 because I've been confusing the numbers. It's all relative anyways right?

The inability to keep years straight might be because of how full my schedule is lately and it's really the last thing I care about getting right – sequencing – even if that means saying something took place in September of 2015 when I haven't actually been to that time yet.

But to keep myself from feeling crazy, and overwhelmed by the goals I've set for myself,  I've been putting this quote into practice, enjoying where I'm currently at, and just trying to take everything one. day. at. a. time.

And aside from referencing the wrong year, I'm holding up pretty fantastically well.