An afternoon at the Getty Center

One of the best things to do in LA (that's free — aside from parking), is visiting the Getty Center.

On a gorgeous sunshiny afternoon, I was able to go with my UCLA Extension class, led by Head Designer of the Getty, Merritt Price. Our focus was looking at the process of putting together an exhibition, which was a different perspective than whenever I've visited before. There's a lot that goes into planning an exhibition including lighting, layout, curator needs, storytelling and concept planning etc. in case you wanted to note these aspects when you visit.

But really, just taking the tram ride up the hill to this place that feels far removed from the busy LA freeway and life below is all you need to understand that this experience goes beyond a quick museum trip. It's a getaway that you could, and should, enjoy all day.

As mentioned, you're so high above Los Angeles, and on clear days like the one we went on, you can see so much of the city. It's beautiful.

Even without the view, the architecture of the Getty Center is amazing. The exhibitions and art pieces are an added and well-constructed bonus to the experience.

I especially love "The Life of Art" exhibit where four selected pieces have been taken from the decorative arts collection to give a more detailed background and story to the object. You can also interact with the objects online here as well.

Bonus: If you've been to the Getty Center multiple times and want to change it up, or if you're not sure what to do on a Saturday night, I recommend going to the Getty Center after 5pm (parking is $10 instead of $15) and staying for the sunset into the night. It's a completely different atmosphere and there's not as many people staying there until 9pm when they close.