Monthly Inspiration: January

This last Christmas, I asked about 28 of my friends and family to provide their favorite quote. It ended up being a really beautiful project because I got to know something about that person I never knew. No two quotes were the same, and each had a different approach and perspective to life.

I'm taking twelve of these 28 to post each month this year, the first being my personal favorite. I heard this quote when I was in a design class about four years ago. The statement comes from Nam June Paik reflecting on the concept of his experimental television design. The original quotes states:

"My experimental television is not always interesting," admits Nam June Paik, "but not always uninteresting: like nature, which is beautiful not because it changes beautifully, but simply because it changes."

So it's slightly altered from the original, but the concept is still there. I loved this statement so much, and obviously still do. It's a great thing to embrace: the simple truth that change itself is beautiful. How appropriate for the new year, ya?