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The Sober Guide to Las Vegas

I've been to Las Vegas. Quite a few times. The land where... there's gambling? Hangovers? Also known as "Sin City"? Despite the reasons why I would avoid Las Vegas, I was pretty determined to make my Vegas experience everything good, sober and without gambling. And I have a fun and memorable time every time. ;)

Thus, The Sober Guide to Las Vegas*:

Bonus (places that are more of a drive):

*This is a list I'll continue to add onto. I mean, the shows in Las Vegas alone some people travel to see specifically (Beatles Love show is definitely on my list...and Blue Man Group). We also tried to go to the aquarium one visit but the line was too long, among other places — including food. Food is everywhere. Just watch out for the price of everything. It seems exponentially greater in Las Vegas.

Read more for further information and photos about my experiences in Vegas...

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Travel Guide: Chattanooga, Tennessee in 8 Hours

When April was here #waybackwhen (specifically November), I wanted to go on a day trip somewhere else aside from Nashville or the immediate surrounding area. Researching various options (including other nearby states), and asking others who are from here, Chattanooga was the chosen city considering it was nearly everyone's first recommendation.

We initially had the idea to set out super early, had even bought tickets to ride the Southern Belle Riverboat cruise at 12:15pm. But sometimes not everything goes as planned. 

The night before, I got a flat tire. So the next morning — the one where we were supposed to head out super early — we had to go to the tire shop instead. We got breakfast after, thinking we had a lot of time, and left around 11am. After realizing we might just barely make it, we called the Riverboat company at about 11:30am asking what would happen if we were five minutes late, to be informed that the boat had left 15 minutes ago. We were so confused until we realized that Chattanooga is one hour ahead of Nashville. 

We had literally missed the boat.

I was able to get a gift certificate for the money I spent so I could go back later. I'll be sure to share the actual experience. But in case you want to go now then I recommend you get a Groupon.

Here's what we actually did instead:

  1. Lunch at Good Dog and dancing on the sidewalk ;)
  2. The Incline Railway
  3. Clumpie's Ice Cream (made from local ingredients)
  4. Drive through Lookout Mountain en route to Rock City
  5. Side trip to Georgia look out and a fairytale village
  6. Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge — awesome at sunset
  7. Carousel Ride at Coolidge Park
  8. Took night pictures at the Polka Dot Wall — exact location hard to determine. By Broad and Main St, near The Feed restaurant.
  9. Dinner at Sugar's

With additional time, we could have explored:

For all pictures and trip details/experience, read on...

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Tennessee: Nashville & Franklin with April

Two weeks ago last night, April flew in to Nashville. I was BEYOND thrilled. The reality didn't even really hit me until I had blown up the air mattress and got ready to go pick her up. 

We went straight to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream (because I swear that's the best ice cream ever in my life so far (gelato is it's own category)) and then hit up The 5 Spot for their Monday night throwback dancing — making the oldie's good again.

Since she had just come from visiting her sister in Montana, I figured it was better to ease her into the Nashville city life. Instead of going straight into the tourist Nashville, we focused on a few key Nashville aspects before spending most of the day in Franklin.

The itinerary included:


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LA Hikes: Burma Road Trail, Rancho Palos Verdes

Hiking in Los Angeles in general is one of my favorite things. Everyone is friendly and looks at you and smiles or says "hi" as they pass. Usually, everyone's pretty busy or preoccupied with what they're doing to make an effort. But out in the wilderness of Los Angeles, paved trails and all, it's a different atmosphere.

One of my favorite trails in Palos Verdes is the Burma Road Trail. It starts at the southernmost end of Crenshaw Boulevard and offers the most spectacular views.

Aside from the views, the trail never gets boring, no matter how many times I've done it. There are so many trail options that I start to feel like Robert Frost at every turn, asking, "Which path should I take?"


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