2016 Calendar Printable


HAPPY 2016!!! (Again)

The first time I wrote that in my journal (one of my New Year's Resolutions: getting back to journaling every day — so far I'm like 15 out of 31 BUT it's a start) was strange. I feel like it's more fitting than 2015 ever seemed to be. In 2015 I was confused, could barely keep the days straight. Or actually year (I was already jumping ahead to 2016 a lot of times), and 2016 feels comfortable.

Things are a-happenin'. Starting with this little calendar print-out. 

I try to do something personal and that I can also design and make in bulk for friends and family. This year was a 2016 desktop calendar.

This is my gift to you: a printable calendar version that includes a lot of the pictures you've seen on this blog — Cummins Falls, Nashville, and the farm. (I guess you don't have to print January, but maybe for fun?)


  1. Follow these links to open the calendar: 
  2. The calendar is formatted for a standard 8.5"x11" page — two months on each page
  3. Print from home at full size, or take to FedEx (or any other printing place really) and make sure to ask for black and white printing (page weight does not change the cost for printing — I printed them on 100 lb. paper)
  4. Cut in half
  5. Use a clip or memo board to hold them together (you can put a magnet on the back of a memo board and put it on the refrigerator too)
  6. FINISHED! Now you have something to remind you of all the great things to come this year.

I wish you the very best this day and all the days to come!