Los Angeles in a Day

I love that Los Angeles has so much to discover and to share with you some actual possible itineraries that can be accomplished in one day — whether you're visiting LA or have lived in Los Angeles your entire life.

The day I spent with April and Eugene felt a little like a marathon at one point — bring hydration and snacks ;) — because you're going to so many places. But make sure you also take the time to enjoy yourself. If you're at a place and really like it and want to stay longer, then stay. Don't rush through it. There's always another day to do the other ten things on the list.

In review, here's links to the places we went to in one day:

Another transportation option — at least to Pershing Square and Chinatown — is the metro. The metro has a sort of negative stigma to it, especially at night, but as long as you're aware and ideally with someone else, I've personally always felt safe.

Enjoy yourself! And make it your own. There's so much to explore!