But actually, I'm Superman


This may be the first Halloween in a long while that I'm not set up to do anything. And not because there aren't opportunities, or that I don't have a costume (I mean, I could probably pull off my panda bear onesie pajamas at any dance party) but because I'm actually really looking forward to being at this house and passing out candy to all the eager little kids. It's better they have the sugar than me. At least for this night.

As a fun little just-because thing, I combined two home videos from the very early years of my brother and mine's life, to remember what I've mostly forgotten about what Halloween used to mean to me: cute costumes where I usually opted to be a princess of some sort, school parades, lots of candy, going door-to-door with a group of other children and stating, ever so threateningly, "Trick or treeaaaat" (you always hold out on the "eeee" at the end to give them some time to consider the limited options they have). 

My favorite line from this video is near the end. After my brother mistakenly identifies himself as Collin, I "mistakenly" identify myself (really enthusiastically) as "SUPERMAANN!!" Only to be told, "No, you're Snow White." "Oh, I'm Snow White," I say, sounding a little disappointed #identitycrises. What's Snow White when you can be Superman really?  

Happy Halloween everyone!